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Virtual anti-racism workshops for everyone.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by national events and the increasing desire to use your privilege for the good of everyone, yet unsure what to do? Awareness is the beginning of change—take the next step in deepening your anti-racism journey with this interactive 90-minute webinar.

Begin Your Anti-Racism Journey

○ Join Lindsey and Robin in an interactive 90-minute webinar

○ Learn the basics of racism

○ Become an ally through awareness, education, and “do no harm” action

Your passion led you here—use your privilege for change.

Meet Your Instructors

Lindsey T. H. Jackson

With a Master of Arts in social sciences with an emphasis on women's health paradigms, Lindsey has spent the last 15+ years researching wellness, social constructs of bias, and mental health. LTHJ Global, the umbrella brand for Lindsey T. H. Jackson, empowers people, leaders, and organizations to pursue and achieve their full potential.

Robin Force Counts

With a bachelor's in peace studies emphasizing sociology, Robin has spent the last 30+ years researching and building activities toward diversity, equity, and inclusive relationships and workplaces, especially as they pertain to gender, race, and class.

Fall Course Schedule 2020

Begin the work no matter where you are in your social justice journey. Learn the basics with an introductory 90-minute anti-racism webinar—or deepen your anti-racism experience with diversity training based on the Enneagram, an ancient personality typing practice that harnesses your skills to promote understanding of biases that impede allyship.

How To Deepen Your Anti-Racism Work


September 25th, 2020

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM PDT​

Enneagram of Bias Training (8 Week Course)


Starts October 1st, 2020

6 PM - 8 PM PACIFIC, Over 8 Consecutive Thursdays

Enneagram of Bias Training (8 Week Course)


Starts October 2nd, 2020

12 PM - 2 PM PACIFIC, Over 8 Consecutive Fridays

Enneagram of Bias Training (4 Week Intensive)


Starts October 31st, 2020

8 AM - 12 PM PACIFIC, Over 4 Consecutive Saturdays

Enneagram of Bias Training (3-Day Intensive)


Starts December 11th, 2020

10 AM - 4 PM PACIFIC, Friday - Sunday

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