It's time to learn what true diversity, equity and inclusion can look and feel like. It's time to build an environment where everyone can thrive!

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Throw out all the outdated and harmful paradigms of what a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative should look like and embrace a healthy people-first paradigm. Bring to life a unified vision for your company, organization or community group and learn to navigate the daily practice and growth-curve of making DEI principles the bedrock of your ongoing success strategy. This workshop provides a model for leaderd looking to have a successful, equitable, and inclusive work or community environment.

Learn to love yourself first!

Every person, man or woman or non-binary, heterosexual or homosexual, religious or atheist fails to reach their full potential when the "other" is oppressed. Just like the Sun and Moon are locked in an eternal dance, so too are oppressor and oppressed. For one to truly live free, all must live free.  And believe it or not, the same principles apply at your workplace or community group - to reach your full potential as an organization, each individual must feel free to reach their full potential.

This workshop is right for you and your team if:

1) You have held a one-off workshop on DEI and nothing much has changed

2) You cannot seem to get everyone bought into your organizations' DEI initiative

3) You are scared of saying or doing something wrong, but know you need to implement a DEI initiative

In this three-day intensive, you and your organization will be guided as you learn tools that have helped hundreds of people nurture the type of diverse, equitable and inclusive environments they have always dreamed of.

Rethink everything you've been taught about long-term partnerships!

Facilitated by Lindsey T. H. Jackson, this intensive will revolutionzie everything you've been taught about diversity, equity and inclusion. Lindsey says:

"Well most of what we have learned about DEI is flawed. The majority of us, myself included, used to think of DEI as "get more of these types of people." But now after watching large corporate initiatives crash and burn, we know that diversity does not necessarily equal equity and inclusion.

What we now know to be true, or rather, the truth that we are finally reclaiming, is that we are each whole and complete already. But we've forgotten it. We call this the forgotten messages of childhood. Early on, often unwittingly, the child learns from the parent and, or the cultural biases surrounding them, that they are not whole and so they must do something to earn their love, or in some cases their safety - be good, be a helper, achieve, hide their weaknesses, detach from their emotions -. And so we build an entire personality structure around this forgotten message. We cling to it as if it were absolute truth. We do everything to avoid standing out, being different, making a mistake. Then we take this truth into our workplaces and communities and build a wall around ourselves.


Sadly, this structure is always doomed to crumble. Why? Because it is not built upon a strong foundation. You see, although the personality structure is built upon the forgotten messages, the true self is still there. The true self is always there trying to be remembered, recognized, and validated. Each of us desperately wants our co-workers to help us "unlock" our true self, but we are scared. The majority of us show up at work only showing half of ourselves, and so you get half of our talent, or we just quit.

In my work I help individuals and companies find the courage to unlock their true potential. It's a lifetime practice, of course, but it's the foundation upon which the healthiest and most successful organizations are built upon."

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All key stakeholders


1) Introduce the triple-loop learning methodology as it pertains to diversity, equity, and inclusion - I, We, They.

2) Explore the Enneagram of Personality Types and its usefulness for creating trust, acceptance and thriving communities.

3) Introduce methods for sparking discussion, innovation, connection and safety within work environments.


1) Learn proven skills to increase joy and decrease stress in your workplace.
2) Discover and heal unuseful messaging from your childhood, and reframe them into opportunities for connection and authenticity with self and your co-workers.

3) Learn skills to deescalate arguments and emotional triggers.

4) To put collaboration and risk-taking at the root of your work culture, and throughout old conventions of siloed thinking and power constructs.

5) How to laugh and cherish you and your co-worker's unique lived experiences, gifts and talents.

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