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Is the idea of transforming your life equal parts thrilling and scary as hell?


Join the club.


Throughout my years as a mind/body coach, business adviser and spiritual guide I've yet to meet one person who came to the practice of transforming their life without some element of fear, or reasons not to start. "I'll get healthy next month." "I'll break off this toxic relationship next year." "I'll get my dream career later." Here's a little hint: there is no right time or day to start the process of transforming your life. You just have to delve in.


In this pocket-guide I teach five practical steps for kicking off your transformation journey. When you feel like you might falter (as we all do) you can return to my guide for support, courage and a practical path back to yourself.


It's time to delve in, Dear One!

DELVE IN - A Beginner's Guide To Transforming Your Life

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    File Format: PDF Only


    Copyright: Lindsey T. H. Jackson, March 2017


    Not available for reprint or distrubution without written consent from, Lindsey T. H. Jackson.

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