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I am not OK.

Four little words.

So damn powerful.

I am not OK.

There are things in my past.

Things I brushed under the table.

I am not OK.

I was afraid to feel them fully.

I was raised to get over things.


I am not OK.

They hurt you.


I am not okay.

You've got to get on with living.

Okay, but it's okay.

I am not okay.

(This is was inspired by one of my soul-sisters. She gave me the greatest gift in the world. She gave me the gift of being able to say that there are events in my past that I have survived, but that I do not have to brush off with my usual, "yeah, I'm okay." I can still be angry, sad, scared or anything else that comes up in the moment. I can still cry. I can still scream. I cannot be not okay with the fact that I had to live these experiences while still finding love and peace in the here and now.)

Lindsey T H Jackson is a Life Coach, movement therapist and storyteller. Contact her at for inspiration, list of services and bookings.

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