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Feel Like You Are Failing As A Mother?

Every time I take my son bike riding I walk away vowing to never do it again. Inevitably every attempt to teach him how to ride ends up in a frustrated ball of tears (and by this I mean mostly me).

So I was really surprised this morning when he came to me, of all people, to take his training wheels off and teach him to ride like a "big boy."

Believe me, I really tried my hardest, I attempted to detach from the outcome. I encouraged him when he nailed it, fell down, and even gave him a pep talk about how Mommy struggles to let people teach her new things, but to no avail. I failed to teach him to ride without training wheels today. We walked back [note: not rode back] and retreated inside the house for PB and J sandwiches.

This evening after work, after recounting the disaster to his father, he informed me that my son told him a completely different story over dinner. He said Mommy did a great job teaching him how to ride AND how much he'd learned AND how excited he was to go out again.


You mean I spent the whole day feeling like a failure and it was all manufactured inside my head?!?!?!

This was just another lesson, in a lifetime's worth of lessons, on how much time I waste each day worrying or complaining about my mothering, and thinking thoughts that no one else perceives or cares about.


What thoughts or feelings are taking the joy from your role as a mother?

Why not grab a journal right now and write a few of them out.

It's time to start living!

Lindsey T H Jackson is a Life Coach, movement therapist and storyteller. Contact her at for inspiration, list of services and bookings.

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