Beginner's Guide To Transforming Your Life



Is the idea of transforming your life equal parts thrilling and scary as hell?


Join the club.


Throughout my years as a mind/body coach, business adviser and spiritual guide I've yet to meet one person who came to the practice of transforming their life without some element of fear, or reasons not to start. "I'll get healthy next month." "I'll break off this toxic relationship next year." "I'll get my dream career later." Here's a little hint: there is no right time or day to start the process of transforming your life. You just have to delve in.


That said, the biggest mistake that people make on the path toward self-transformation is starting at the wrong point on their journey. As someone who has worked in the health field for... [insert awkward cough here] a very long time, this was one of the toughest lessons I had to learn. So many of us have been spoon-fed the idea that if we lose weight, make a lot of money, or have the right partner that happiness will naturally follow, but it isn't often the case. 




Well let's start at the beginning.


What does it mean to transform my life?


Transforming your life is an ongoing practice of developing your mind, body and spirit. (Sorry, I know. I wish it was easier, or even sounded easier, but I did say it is an ongoing practice.) 


There are many paths toward self-transformation - philosophical, psychological, religious, spiritual, naturalistic, and so on and so on. And perhaps because there are so many paths, and so many different texts on the subject, we've all started to accept the idea that transforming our life is way too hard. Or that it is better practiced in faraway temples on isolated mountaintops with only the rising of the sun and the moon for distraction. 


But it doesn't have to be that hard. You can completely transform your entire life if you can learn to do this one thing, and do it well, be mindful. 


What is mindfulness?


You will hear the word mindfulness A LOT when talking about transforming your life. Mindfulness is the practice of drawing your attention to what is present. 


The majority of us move through our days mindful of everything else but what is present. At any one moment we can be influenced by our past, disconnected from what is in front of us, and scared of what might happen next. This state of existence is the exact opposite of being present, or mindful.


Learning to be mindful of what is - not how you would like things to be, not fearful of what could happen, not influenced by how things went before - is the first step on any self-transformation journey. From this 'presence state', we can make powerful decisions and influence lasting change in our lives. 


I want you to see that the first steps to transforming your life are completely in your power. That's why I've created Lindsey's Guide To Transforming Your Life for beginners. You can start transforming your life today by following the five steps I've outlined below. If you've been waiting for the right time or place to get started, well, you've found it.







The peace and serenity you have been searching for has always been accessible to you, but so many of us lose sight of this eternal truth at a very young age. And so we try to do everything to control and manage a world that we perceive to be out of control - a world that we come to resent. Starting this practice with a specific outcome in mind, a desire to control what will be, is as fruitless as trying to hold back the dawn.


Say this with me out loud, "I now release my desire to control this practice and its outcomes." Say it again. And AGAIN. As you say it let a sense of serenity wash over y