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O Sleep, O Gentle Sleep

"O sleep, O gentle sleep,

Nature's soft nurse, how

have I frightened thee?

That thou no more will

weigh my eyelids down,

and steep my senses

in forgetfulness?"

William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2


I used to suffer from the same recurring dream. It was always started in black and white.

I'm climbing up and up a never ending flight of stairs, desperately trying to reach the top. Just when I think I can't climb another step, I suddenly find myself in a bright room, filled with an abundance of color. The room is an everyday classroom found in any American university. I'm near the middle of the classroom, staring at my instructor.

It hits me!

My gut churns.

I let out a pitiful moan.

I've forgotten to hand in my last assignment. I am going to fail this class. I am not going to graduate with all my friends. My parents will be devastated. How could I let this happen...? I am going to fail....?

Heart thumping, blood draining from my face, I would wake.

At the time when the above mentioned dream was a familiar visitor to my bedchamber I remember spending the night stressing over big picture items, such as: will my company break even, will I miss out on life, or worse, inspiration. Nowadays however, sleep sometimes escapes me for more commonplace reasons: a wakeful child, a coffee drunk too close to my noon cut off time, a snoring partner.

But just how important is sleep?

In Ariana Huffington's book, The Sleep Revolution, she unpacks 392 pages explaining how lack of sleep is the great health epidemic of our generation. Turns out researchers are finding more and more signs to support the notion that sleep quality is the most important indicator of mental, physical and spiritual health.

And that is why ensuring that you are getting a good's night sleep is the first step on our journey of practical enlightenment.

Click here to learn one of my favorite techniques for clearing the mind on a restless night. =>

If you need support as you implement tools to help improve your sleep, or if you need support to unpack anxiety around work, finances, health, or relationships, please email at, to schedule a one-on-one Transformation Kick Start Phone Call.

Take back your sleep, Dear One.


xoxo Lindsey

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