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The Secret To Wealth

There was a time in my life when talking about building financial wealth would have made my father pass out. I remember asking him for relationship advice once, and it went something like this:

Me: Dad, what should I look for in a partner?

Dad: YOU should look for someone with a lot of money...

Me: Um.... thanks Dad......?

But now, many years later, I can admit the truth in his thinly veiled skepticism about my financial future. The saying about money burning a hole in your pocket was clearly coined for me. Not minutes after I earned a few dollars then I was already considering ways to spend it.

I was a mess with money for years! I burned through thousands upon thousands of dollars travelling the world, starting and folding companies, wining and dining friends. Every month I would look in my bank account, see the low bank balance in my accounts, and make the same conclusions about myself:

1) You are bad with money

2) You've wasted so much of your time and money away.

3) You are a failure, and you should be ashamed.

You are bad...

You are a failure...

You should be ashamed...

I was stuck in this mindset, what I call a "poverty mindset", for years. That is until I learned a powerful truth that set me free. Watch here =>

Once I let go of my limiting beliefs, and instead started unraveling who I was and what I wanted, that's when the poverty mindset dissipated and I finally started taking thoughtful steps toward building financial freedom.

xx Lindsey

P.S. If you are ready to transform into the healthiest, happiest and most confident woman you know then check out my course, Woman On Fire.

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