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Stop Putting Yourself Down


Why do you do it? Seriously, why? Ask yourself... Is it because one, or both, of your parents used to do it? Is it because your significant other does it? Is it because every time you start to feel a little smart, confident, or strong, you feel the need to cut yourself down before other people do it?

WHY, Dear One!?

It stops NOW!

Women have been taught to down play their abilities, strength, courage, etcetera, for hundreds of years all in an attempt to subjugate our power. For some sick and twisted reason, part of playing the 'woman role' is attributing beauty to how well we demean ourselves. I prefer to meditate on this empowering quote from Coco Chanel, "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

In my 12-week coaching program, Woman On Fire, I challenge each participant every time they put themselves down. I make them dig deep into the source of the put down. I ask them if they are feeling insecure, playing an outdated track of someone else's voice in their head, taking on social stereotypes of who or what a woman should be. I make them analyze how their words have become beliefs, have become action, or more often than not, inaction.

Then I guide them toward RADICAL ACTION. I support them as they break from the words and beliefs that have been holding them back in their lives.

Today, I am tasking you with the same RADICAL ACTION. I want you to go one day, one measly day, without putting yourself down or downplaying your gifts/talents/voice/abilities. For the next twenty-four hours you are not allowed to:

1) Laugh off a targeted joke about you, your abilities, your worth

2) Say anything deprecating about your body, face, or hair

3) Reject a compliment - take the DAMN compliment, and say thank you!

4) Apologize for the way you do anything - talk, laugh, fart, think, disagree, [insert] -

5) Say, 'Oh, sorry' (This is a put down in disguise, an excellent disguise I might add. Saying, 'Oh, sorry' is normally easily substituted with 'Oh, sorry I exist and have a voice and an opinion that is in any way counter to yours, or what you expect of me.)

Then I want you to write and tell me about it here,

Tell me if you were able to make it through the whole day, or if you noticed a pattern that is deeply entrenched in the way you speak.

You have a choice, Dear One. Choose ACTION!


Lindsey T. H. Jackson

P.S. If you are ready to transform into the healthiest, happiest and most confident woman you know then let's talk! Email now to set up a time,

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