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Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely, But You’re Not Alone

I see you.

Sitting there alone, caught up in the vortex between self doubt and self loathing.

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

It wasn’t supposed to be this lonely.

Everyone was really supportive when you first started, they encouraged you and gave you the confidence you needed to take the big leap.

But between somewhere between the unrelenting standards you’ve placed on yourself to be perfect at everything you do, the guilt which you let strangle you because you’re chasing your dream and not bringing in the regular income you’re used to and the isolation of trying to figure all this stuff out on your’re wondering what the heck you’re doing.

I see you, because I’ve been you.

My friends and family all encouraged me to get started, but then seemed to abandon me when they didn’t book any sessions with me or help refer me to their friends.

I’ve been in that dark place, trying to figure out how I’m going to pay the bills and make ends meet.

I’ve let myself get caught up in the same vortex, getting caught up in my own thoughts as I spiraled out of control all while desperately trying to hold onto everything.

It’s no place to live.

The more you spiral, the more it appears no one cares, no one loves you and no one understands what you’re going through.

But here's what you need to hear today...

Here is one of my favorite affirmations for when I get stuck in a downward spiral, "I affirm I can relax and enjoy my life."

This affirmation from my favorite pocket Enneagram guide, Enneagram Transformation, by Don Richard Riso, is one of many lessons that I will map out in my new book, Vagina Leadership, due out in 2020.

Watch it now >

Please now that you are loved, you are understood, you are supported and people do care about you.

I love you, I understand you, I support you and I care about you.

If I can give you the brutal honest’ve got to get out of your head. It’s the only way to stop spiraling out of control and step out of the vortex you’re caught up in. The answers you seek are closer than you think, but when you’re spiraling you can’t see them.

So please, get out of your head and give yourself a break. Here's what you are going today:

1) Do just ONE thing today that will make a difference in your work and life. (BACK AWAY FROM THE DAMN TO-DO LIST)

2) For the next few days commit to doing just ONE thing, and then take a small break. You have to learn to play the long game. With better rest, you can in fact get more done, in less time. It seems counter-intuitive but sleep is the birthplace of innovation.

3) Stop asking your family and friends to play a double-roll. Your family and friends are not your business or career coach. The support you are hoping they will give you is not fair to them and is adding undue emotional stress (e.g. resentment) to your journey.

About Lindsey T. H. Jackson

The team at LTHJ GLOBAL and I are committed to the ongoing research that contributes to the better understanding of the mental, physical and emotional blocks that hold women back and prevent them from attaining their highest potential. It is our mission to empower at least one million womxn leaders, of all different ethnicities, religions, classes, sexual orientations, cultures and marital status’, to create a life of freedom, health, joy and abundance.

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