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I Resolve To Be Messy

Work Life Balance | Lindsey T. H. Jackson

First week of 2020 down and the only resolution I feel comfortable committing to is the resolution to be messy. Wait, that's not it... It's specifically the resolve to be messy AND stop beating the crap out of myself for it.

Just two short years ago I had everything I was 'supposed to have", and still I went to bed for years crying myself to sleep. I had cashed in on the promissory-note of a Cinderella lifestyle only to find out that what I was really holding was an Ed McMann Sweepstakes ticket - there was no pay out in happily ever after, just a bogus helpline-.

And now what? I wish I could tell you that two years on I have managed to produce some Lifetime Movie worthy comeback story.

I haven't.

But what I have done is manage to get back up every day. I have managed to get out of bed each morning and be present for my children. I have managed to navigate setback after setback and still pursue my truth, my art, my purpose, my vision with the same naive drive and ambition as I did before I knew what it would 'cost'.

In my workbook due out next month, 30 Day Renaissance, I discuss the need to be rooted in self-love if you want to move forward, and achieve all your goals.

"You have to put into your relationships what you hope to get out. When it comes to the pursuit of personal fulfillment, you must first clearly identify what it is you want from your relationship with yourself.

If you want your relationship with yourself to be loving, exciting, challenging, energetic, funny, active, peaceful and contented then you must daily nurture and develop this relationship"

(Sometimes I feel like I am writing books and blogs to my future self... Sheesh)

Each year I am blessed to speak to hundreds of people from all walks of life and let me tell you something.... 2019 was... was... A BITCH!

But here we are, still standing, still breathing. We are smarter. We are stronger. We are more forgiving of ourselves. We are more loving of ourselves.

So now let's do the damn thing!

Let's be messy!

Let's live out loud!

Let's be too much!

Let's be too bitchy, bossy, crazy, dramatic, different, witch-y, wacky, zany, bizarre, and let's do it all together!

Because even when we are messy, we deserve love. Let 2020 be the year that you commit to learning this simple, but powerful, truth.


In, 30 Day Renaissance, I teach this awesome practice for getting back on track with your relationship to self. Try it out!

I Deserve Nourishing Relationships: Day 4 Challenge

Grab a pen. Grab some paper. Grab a comfy chair. Sit down and take some time to analyze ALL of your relationships. In regards to each relationship answer this simple question:

How does this relationship nourish my body, my mind, and my essence?

Once you have your list, make a decision about which relationships you need to lean away from while you build your capacity for self-love, and which relationships you want to lean toward

(Hint: lean toward those relationships that make you feel safe, seen, valued, held. These relationships have the power to teach you about the true nature of holy love).

I see you,


30 Day Renaissance is due out next month! Follow along here to be notified of special offers, live events, and opportunities for a first peek.

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