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"Once I learned to put my creative self first, the shadows in my life began to dissapear."

Transform Your

Life Festival.

A soul-thumping masterclass

for your mind, body & spirit.

What is Transform Your Life Festival?

Transform Your Life Festival is a weekend event where you will learn practical and sustainable tools to: transform every area of your life, become courageous in the pursuit of your dreams, and develop the self-love that is at the root of abundance.

Why do you need to attend?

If you've started and stopped, thought about but never found the courage, meditated or prayed for a life of purpose, love and abundance, Transform Your Life Festival is for you.

Who's hosting the festival?

I am!

About Me.

Lifestyle Coach Movement Therapist 

Business Adviser

Spiritual Guide






How I Help.

Finding center

Identifying purpose


Financial Abundance

Health & Nutrition

Building Community

Fulfilling Relationships

Spiritual Awakening


Hi Love!


Stop believing it is impossible to be wholly yourself. Stop hiding. Stop playing a role.


I used to do the same thing, Dear One. If life was a stage then I was its Oscar winning actress. I played perfect wife. I played perfect mother. I played perfect daughter. I played perfect career.


At what cost?


The cost was that one day I woke up feeling suffocated by all the parts I was playing. I crashed. I crashed hard. But you know what? It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The journey back has taught me who I am and what I want from life.


This message is at the heart of my Transformation Festivals™. Picture it. Two days of partying to live music, dancing, yoga, empowered community and being guided through my proven, practical system for personal transformation. Participants will leave this festival with a clearer understanding of who they are and what they want, and, more importantly, with courage to go after it.


I you’ve never believed it was possible to be wholly yourself then it is time to take action!


Lindsey xx

During my Transform Your Life Festival I’ll show you how to

  1. Take control of what is in your power to change, and stop worrying about what is not.

  2. Manifest a life that is low on stress and high on abundance using my proven, practical psycho-spiritual system for personal transformation.

  3. Say goodbye to the “I’m okay” mindset in exchange for the “Transformation in Process” mindset.

  4. Learn to embrace feelings of shame, unworthiness, fear and resentment as useful spiritual guides.

  5. Turn your finances, health, career and relationships into a daily practice of mindfulness and self-love.

  6. Become a game-changer in your family and community through authentic and open-hearted leadership.

  7. Figure out who you are, what you want, and how to move in the direction of your greatest hopes and desires.

You can transform your life and maintain it year after year!


“The main benefit of working with Lindsey is how she integrates the mind and body work. No lifestyle change will happen if both are not adressed” 


—  Adriana, Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur

What makes the Transform Your Life Festival different?

Transform Your Life Festival is a soul-thumping masterclass for your mind, body, and spirit.


  1. Your stress levels will decrease across all areas of your life.

  2. You’ll see your current job through a new lens.

  3. You’ll start seeing opportunity all around you.

  4. Years of pain and fear will begin to unravel and loosen their grip on you.

  5. You will know that you are love.

What can you expect?

Using the same tried and tested methods I have used to help countless numbers of clients breakthrough to an abundance mindset, you can expect to leave this workshop empowered with powerful and practical steps to transform your life, your community and your levels of joy and fulfillment.


Day 1:


  • Kick off the festival with live music, dance, and celebration performed by Lindsey and her international crew. Align your mind, body, and spirit to the work of transformation

  • Delve deep in the “I’m okay” mindset that holds you back from self-love, peace and abundance. Assess how these patterns of thinking and feeling impact every aspect of your life.

  • Take control of what is by learning Lindsey’s proven, practical psycho-spiritual system for personal transformation. Experience firsthand as Lindsey works with festival participants to apply the principles in real time.

  • Finish day one with a healing drum and movement ceremony. Heal and transform past pain and trauma and learn to release shame and fear that hold you back from living your most true and authentic self.


Day 2:


  • Start day two of the festival with a restorative healing practice. Learn Lindsey’s favorite mindfulness ritual for healing, recharging and empowering the mind-body-spirit connection.

  • Embrace the life you’ve always dreamed of. Break from fear and step into the abundance of opportunity that is all around you.

  • Get closer to answering these three questions then you’ve ever been before: Who am I? What do I want? What are my greatest hopes and desires?

  • Forge a bond with your personal accountability squad. These radically authentic and soulful relationships will keep you accountable as you leave the festival and delve into your daily practice of abundant living. Your squad will be your support group, mirror, and cheerleader day after day, year after year.

  • Conclude the festival with an intimate question and answer with a stripped back and raw Lindsey. Ask your toughest questions, challenge everything you’ve been taught throughout the festival, and hear Lindsey’s personal stories of transforming shame and failure into growth and abundance.


“I keep working with Lindsey year after year because I am always being pushed to be better and better. I'm seeing the results in every area of my life.”​


—  Pamela, Scientist & Mother

Why I created the Transform Your Life Festival...

Transform Your Life Festival is the expression of my entire being. Through music, dance, spiritual practice and plain straight-talk I have been able to support individuals, all over the world, as they move toward personal transformation. The greatest joy knows that I will leave them in the comfort of their own empowered community.


I’ve been a teacher for more years than I can count. I am also a wife, mother-of-two, daughter and fierce-friend. The truth is I love attending the Transform Your Life Festival just as much as you do. I need to go to the “mountaintop” a few times each year to be reminded of who I am and what I want from this life. In community with each of the participants, I am able to reinforce the passion that comes from mind-body-spirit awakening.

When you enroll in Transform Your Life Festival before June 30, you save $100 and can take advantage of our group savings plans.

I'm ready!

Have Questions?

Let’s get them answered!

Q: What’s the schedule?


Festival will kick off every day at 9:00 am and conclude promptly at 6 pm.


Q: If I am new to Lindsey’s work, is this festival still for me?


Yes! Whether you are new to Lindsey’s work or if you’ve been following her work for years, everyone will benefit from this unique and powerful experience.


Q: What can I expect from the weekend?


WARNING: Powerful transformations not uncommon! You can expect to delve deep into the very nature of your being. Everything you believe about yourself and the world will be challenged.


Q: Are there discounted tickets available?


Yes! There are discounts available when you book with two friends, and there are available discounts for student and concession card holders. Read more about the details of each ticket type on the event registration page.


Q: Where does the training take place?


The Transform Your Life Festival is traditionally hosted in a central downtown venue with easy access by car or public transport. Venue details including, location, parking details, food and beverage partnerships, and maps will be sent via email no less than two months before the event. You will also be able to see details on the event registration page once they are finalized in each city.


Q: Are travel, meals and lodgings included?


No, these expenses are not included in the ticketing price. However we aim to partner with local food and lodging vendors in each Festival city to secure discounted rates.


Q: Where should I stay if I am coming from out of town?


Aim to stay within walking distance of the Festival venue. Stay connected across Lindsey’s social media platforms for opportunities to share accommodation with other Festival attendees.


Q: I have more questions?


Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further questions.


“The main thing I took away from this event was all the ways I contributed to the status quo. It empowered me to go out into the community and make a change.”​


—  Jacob, Personal Trainer Director

Let's Recap.

When you attend the Transform Your Life Festival you’ll get:


  1. A soul-thumping masterclass for your mind, body, and spirit.

  2. Take control of what is in your power to change.

  3. Transform stories of pain and loss into lessons on growth and mindfulness.

  4. Courage to step into abundance and into a life of peace, love and purpose.

  5. Support to become an authentic and open-hearted leader at home and at work.

  6. Answers to these three important questions: Who I am? What I want? What are my greatest hopes and desires?

I'm ready.

There is no right time or day to transform. You just have to delve in!

Choose the payment option that works best for you!

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