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It's time to come out of hiding, and become the leader and change-agent you were meant to be. Dare to be different. Dare to lead at work and at home. You are a woman on fire!

event overview

How will you be remembered? What will be your legacy? This workshop is specifically for female leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and activists who are brave enough to rewrite the script on leadership and add their diverse voice to the mix. Learn to identify, harness, and enact a strategy to bring that unique gift that only you possess to your work, company, home and community.

You are a wild woman, and you've been holding yourself back! 

There is something powerful, and yet untapped percolating within you and it is time to unleash it.

To be a woman is to be on fire, it is to possess a unique capacity for fierce love, strength and wisdom. And yet, many female leaders are too scared to bring their unique strengths and abilities to the world.

It's time to throw out the rule book and start making your own damn rules! 

Lindsey says:

"When I meet, or speak with a potentially great female leader it is immediately apparent. You can see her light, no matter how dim. She cannot be tamed, but she can be caged. Sadly, it is often a cage of her own design. She succumbs to fear, social rules, and old patterns of thinking about herself. Instead of disrupting the status quo in her company and life, she plays along.

The purpose of Woman On Fire is to help her unravel these limiting beliefs. Through self-reflection, community, and empowered action she learns to tap into her power. She breaks out of her cage - work, an unhealthy relationship, memory of past pain or failures - and sets the world ablaze."  

It's time to light your fire!

Program participants will develop a deep sense of self-awareness, and loving self-acceptance. Backed by the Woman On Fire community, participants will be guided as they identify barriers that have been holding them back and develop a road map for moving forward and smashing through glass-ceilings!

event details


1) Leaders
2) Entrepreneurs

3) Artists

4) Athletes

5) Coaches & Health Professionals


1) Understand the common pitfalls holding women back in their careers and personal success.
2) Understand research-based strategies designed specifically for women to avoid failure.

3) Breakthrough fear, and limiting beliefs, I will leave the workshop feeling empowered and competent enough to achieve new levels of success at work and at home.


1) Examine my personal strengths and skills and define pathways for distilling these unique gifts into success strategies at work and at home.
2) Define and refine my definition of success, and create realistic and actionable goals for achieving.

3) How to use the teachings of the Ennegram of Personality Typescontinually to avoid failure, and harness skills and tools that will keep me on track and on purpose when life throws me a curve ball.

4) How to build a supportive and nurturing community around me.

5) How to create a lasting legacy that will shape the next generation.

It's time to come out of hiding! 

Stop questioning yourself. You are worthy and deserving. There is a community of women, all around the world, who are just like you. They are rule-breakers, innovators, adventurers, healers, and leaders. They are calling to you, and now it is time to answer that call. You are a Wild Woman, always have been!

Break free from:

Financial Burden
Health Issues
Jobs That Drain You
Passionless Relationships

If you are ready to join your tribe, to learn how to manifest your greatest hopes and desires, then answer the call. 

Learn how to be a Woman On Fire! 

Are You Ready To Create Lasting Impact?

Book Your Discovery Call Now!

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