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Do you want to feel free to be yourself and pursue your dreams without fear, shame or self-doubt? Do you want to feel freedom in your relationships, work place and community? Then you are in the right place!


"The Phoenix Project," Lindsey T. H. Jackson's newest endeavor, is a global movement!


Using her unique form of theater, based on collections of hundreds of interviews, poems, video excerpts and autobiography, and drawing from fifteen plus years of research into individual, organizational, and leadership paradigms, "The Phoenix Project", is a growing collection of plays and corresponding books that are used by individuals and organizations to break free from personal limitations, and go on to create communities where everybody thrives and feels safe .

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I'm a storyteller, playwright, social scientist, teacher, and entrepreneur.

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Immersive experiences that will leave a lasting impact on your company, event, or community group.

Books, tools, and resources to help empower and guide you on your journey, and build an ongoing practice.

Adorn your mind, home, and person with empowering messages, and keep your growth-practice top of mind.

We believe that living your truth, without fear, can change the world.

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