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Creating Goals That Nurture Checklist

When your forward thinking actions, sometimes called goals, are not rooted in Holy Love - the connectedness to all things- there is dis-ease. Dis-ease in your efforts. Dis-ease in your mind, your body, and your soul.

"But how do I birth a goal out of the state of Holy Love? Normally I birth my goals out of necessity or fear?"

Below is a checklist you can use to help guide your goal creation:

1) Is it rooted in Acceptance - I am pursuing this out of a celebration of my innate gifts and talents, and as a reflection of the ways I love my mind, body, and spirit.

2) Is it rooted in Humility - I am pursuing this because it lights up my soul, and in turn lights up other's souls

3) Is it rooted in Authenticity - I am pursuing this as a true representation of my being, not for someone else

4) Is it rooted in Equanimity - I am pursuing this because it creates peace within me and spreads peace around me

5) Is it rooted in Participation - I am pursuing this to create connection with all things, not to run from all things

6) Is it rooted in Courage - I am pursuing this because it moves me closer to love and further from fear

7) Is it rooted in Sobriety - I am pursuing this because the simple act of pursuing it gives me joy, the destination matters less

8) Is it rooted in Innocence - I am pursuing this because it reminds me of the cycle of existence, and invites me to return again and again to it as though for the first time

9) Is it rooted in Love - I am pursuing this because in doing it I perceive my greatest potential, and inspire others to perceive theirs.


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