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The Death of the Ego


We are brushing up against the good shit now... We are brushing up against the deeply held beliefs about who or what you should be versus who and what you are. 

Our ego identity is shaped around one of three emotions: anger, shame, or fear. Each of these stems from the disconnect that we experienced from the true knowing, the universal knowing: the vibration with all things. 

Before experiencing the separation from your egoic thinking and identity, it is very difficult to believe there is anything else. That is all you have known, so why would you think or trust that there is another way of being.

I used to feel this way too. There was a time you could not make me believe that I was worthy of love as I am, that it did not need to be earned through my success, achievements, being 'perfect'. Nope, not possible, I would have told you. 

And so I suffered. 

And I built my life around this belief and so at the root was suffering.

Self-created suffering.

But now, now I am here to tell you that there is another way. And the path to get to this way... well, it is painful. FUCKING PAINFUL! It required a death. The death of my ego. But I was born again into my original likeness and connection with all things. 

This is also available to you, but you must choose. And you must stop hoping, desiring it to be easy. It is not easy to choose this path while living in the world. It is an every day return to the practice, to the break from the ego. 

And it is worth it.

Here's an unfiltered, no makeup, balancing work and motherhood reminder that you can lean into this practice fully.


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